Morbidly Obese People Do Not Always Need To Go Under The Knife

It is easy to assume that morbidly obese people have to have gastric bypass surgery in order to lose weight but this is simply not true. Nor is it always true that overweight people eat unhealthy foods all the time and never exercise. Yes in a lot of cases, this is the cause of the excess pounds but in some cases there is an underlying medical reason causing the problem.

Whatever is the reason behind your weight issues, they need to be dealt with for a number of reasons. Not least is to help you live a longer life as your chances of dying young rise significantly when your on the wrong side of the scales. But being overweight cause other problems too. It is linked to infertility in women, joint pain and discomfort not to mention the social embarrassment that fat people often suffer. If you can ignore other people’s rudeness that is fantastic but what about your kids, if you have them. Children of very fat people often get badly bullied at school. Is that what you want for your kids? Also they miss out on Mom and Dad playing games with them or spending time doing stuff with them. Mum and Dad simply don’t have the energy. There is also another problem. Children will often follow their parents example so if you are obese, your children are likely to be as well.

So if you cannot motivate yourself to lose weight for yourself, do it for your family. It won’t be easy and you will have days when you can’t be bothered but think about what your life would be like if you could be half your current size. How would you feel? How would you look? What activities could you partake in that you miss out on now?

Is it going to be easy? No but it is possible. You need to set yourself realistic goals and believe in your ability to achieve them. Slow and steady weight loss is the way forward and you will achieve that by adopting a healthy eating plan and an exercise regime. Given your weight, you cannot just take up any exercise but must first be closely monitored by your medical advisors. With a BMI of this level, you are in grave danger of having a heart attack so taking up jogging is not good advice.

Instead you need to follow doctors orders. He is likely to recommend gentle walking and swimming as two main activities for you to pursue. Swimming helps as the water supports your weight putting less pressure on your joints and internal organs. Walking is a great exercise for everyone and you can build up the speed and length of your walks over time.

If exercise and diet changes don’t work, your doctor may start discussing some surgical options for morbidly obese people including gastric band surgery or bariatric surgery. These are not easy solutions but may be worth looking into.